Create a Fantasy In Post

This particular image came from a quick stop at sunset San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. As it turns out, this often bypassed location is loaded with of scenic beauty! In this I added a few spot lights in post, a brush stroke on the grasses and a sky from Kirkwood.

  • Backside_Pano_2048

Panoramic Astrophotography

A project from 4 images edited in Lightroom. This was taken looking North & East at the top of Chair 2 at Kirkwood. Out in the cold without a flashlight on a moonless night sometimes I get lucky. Leveling a tripod in the dark is enough of a challenge, but make it level enough for a panoramic? […]

Flash Photography of Large Subjects

Armed with only a single Speedlight flash I attempt to photograph several full-grown Western Junipers. Working without an assistant I find CamRanger is now my new best friend. Unfortunately my off-camera flash has failed me. Stumbling in the darkness I manage to use long exposure times to pop the Speedlight 2-3 times per exposure. In post […]