Flash Photography of Large Subjects

Armed with only a single Speedlight flash I attempt to photograph several full-grown Western Junipers.
Working without an assistant I find CamRanger is now my new bestĀ friend.
Unfortunately my off-camera flash has failed me. Stumbling in the darkness I manage to use long exposure times to pop the Speedlight 2-3 times per exposure. In post this seem to be a real virtue.

Western Junipers BlackWestern Junipers Blue
With upwards of 100 original exposures, this composite was made fromĀ about 20 that made into the mix. The final comp. will likely have properties of the blue background with a few stars peaking through.
Here’s a peak at the conditions at the beginning and end of the shoot.

Junipers at SunsetJunipers After Dark

Airplanes in the shot is a constant problem. Solvable in post, but never ideal. Preserving the snow in the foreground was also problematic while framing my shot. Tromping around was not an option so I changed lenses often and started form a considerable distance, zig-zagging in to get the look I wanted.

Look closely and you’ll notice the stars are streaks using 20 second exposures.

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