sUAV’s Get Your Camera Into Position

Perhaps one of the most rewarding recent photographic improvements is the ability to easily move your camera to positions that were otherwise unattainable. These lightweight, portable copters can be re-positioned to get the exact composition you may be after.  

  • ThunderBowlPano2048

Thunder Bowl Panorama

Because an ordinary snapshot just won’t do, panorama seems to be the logical choice for immersive landscapes. Add to that the notion of moving the camera off the side of a mountain and this is what you get! Click for a larger version. Brace yerself, it’s BIG! (it will take a while)

Create a Fantasy In Post

This particular image came from a quick stop at sunset San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. As it turns out, this often bypassed location is loaded with of scenic beauty! In this I added a few spot lights in post, a brush stroke on the grasses and a sky from Kirkwood.

  • Backside_Pano_2048

Panoramic Astrophotography

A project from 4 images edited in Lightroom. This was taken looking North & East at the top of Chair 2 at Kirkwood. Out in the cold without a flashlight on a moonless night sometimes I get lucky. Leveling a tripod in the dark is enough of a challenge, but make it level enough for a panoramic? […]

Flash Photography of Large Subjects

Armed with only a single Speedlight flash I attempt to photograph several full-grown Western Junipers. Working without an assistant I find CamRanger is now my new best friend. Unfortunately my off-camera flash has failed me. Stumbling in the darkness I manage to use long exposure times to pop the Speedlight 2-3 times per exposure. In post […]